900+ Daftar Startup Indonesia dan Estimasi Omsetnya

Berikut ini adalah 997 Daftar Startup di indonesia, kategori bisnisnya dan juga estimasi omsetnya,

PerusahaanIndustriPerkiraan Omset
eFisheryAgTech, Aquaculture, Farming, Nutrition, Sustainability
HalodocHealth Care, InsurTech, Medical, Mobile Apps, Pharmaceutical$10M to $50M
XenditFinance, Financial Services, FinTech, Payments, Small and Medium Businesses$50M to $100M
TokopediaE-Commerce, FinTech, Internet, Marketplace, Shopping$10M to $50M
BukalapakE-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Internet, Online Portals$500M to $1B
TravelokaBig Data, In-Flight Entertainment, Search Engine, Travel$10M to $50M
PluangFinancial Services, FinTech, Impact Investing$1M to $10M
UlaApps, B2B, E-Commerce, Marketplace$10M to $50M
BaskitB2B, Financial Services, Information Technology, Supply Chain Management$1M to $10M
ChargedElectric Vehicle, Industrial, Manufacturing
DANAFinance, Financial Services, FinTech, InsurTech, Mobile Apps, Payments$50M to $100M
RalaliE-Commerce, Marketplace, Retail, Shopping
KoinWorksConsumer Lending, Financial Services, FinTech, Information Technology, Lending, Peer to Peer$1M to $10M
EvermosConsumer Goods, E-Commerce, Social Impact, Social Shopping, Trading Platform
ShipperDelivery, Internet, Logistics, Supply Chain Management$1M to $10M
BukuWarungAccounting, Credit, FinTech, Payments, Small and Medium Businesses, Software
AmarthaFinancial Services, FinTech, Lending, Mobile Apps$10M to $50M
waresixE-Commerce, Freight Service, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Transportation, Warehousing$1M to $10M
MekariB2B, Business Development, Business Intelligence, SaaS, Software
QoalaFinancial Services, FinTech, Insurance, InsurTech, Risk Management$10M to $50M
JULOConsumer Lending, Credit, Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, Lending$1M to $10M
Kopi KenanganCoffee, Food and Beverage$10M to $50M
PinhomeFinTech, Property Management, Real Estate$50M to $100M
RuangguruEdTech, Education, Training
Maka MotorsAutomotive, Electric Vehicle, Travel
BeleafAgriculture, Farming, Hydroponics
VidioMedia and Entertainment, Video, Video Streaming
ALAMIFinancial Services, FinTech, Lending, Peer to Peer, Small and Medium Businesses
GoTo GroupDelivery Service, Health Care, Information Technology, Same Day Delivery
PolygonBlockchain, Ethereum, Information Technology, Infrastructure
HypefastBaby, Beauty, Cosmetics, E-Commerce, Fashion
CermatiE-Commerce Platforms, Financial Services, FinTech, Internet, Mobile Apps, Software, Web Development
MoladinAutomotive, E-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Marketplace
Deliveree LogisticsDelivery, Fleet Management, Logistics, Shipping$1M to $10M
KUPUArtificial Intelligence, Recruiting
Bibit.idFinancial Services, FinTech, Information Technology, Internet of Things$1M to $10M
SociollaBeauty, Cosmetics, E-Commerce, Lifestyle$1M to $10M
GajiGesaEmployee Benefits, Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, Personal Finance, Software$1M to $10M
SayurboxAgriculture, E-Commerce, Farming, Logistics, Shopping
BrankasFinancial Services, FinTech, Internet, Software
EdenFarm IndonesiaAgriculture, Consumer Goods, Farming, Supply Chain Management
HappyFreshE-Commerce, Grocery, Mobile$10M to $50M
ErataniAgriculture, AgTech, Information Services, Information Technology, Supply Chain Management
AlodokterHealth Care, Internet, Medical, Wellness
PasarPolisFinancial Services, FinTech, Insurance, InsurTech
CoLearnEdTech, Education, Information Technology
Kargo TechnologiesE-Commerce Platforms, Freight Service, Logistics, Marketplace, Software, Transportation
AyoconnectB2B, Billing, Developer APIs, Enterprise Software, Financial Services, FinTech, Internet
RekosistemRecycling, Waste Management
TaniHubAgriculture, B2B, E-Commerce, Farming, Marketplace
AkseleranCrowdfunding, Financial Services, FinTech, Lending, Peer to Peer, Venture Capital
PrivyIDIdentity Management, Information Technology
AgriAkuAgriculture, AgTech, B2B, Farming
Fore CoffeeCoffee, Food and Beverage, Retail$10M to $50M
AwanTunaiFinancial Services, FinTech, Payments, Supply Chain Management
StockbitFinance, Financial Services, Internet
MDI VenturesFinance, Financial Services, Venture Capital$1M to $10M
ArunaCommunities$1M to $10M
AdaKamiConsumer Lending, Financial Services, Lending
DestyE-Commerce, Information Technology, Marketing, Marketplace, Product Management$10M to $50M
OY!Banking, Financial Services, FinTech, Information Technology
VIDACompliance, Information Technology, Security, Software
BroomAutomotive, Finance, Financial Services
MamikosApps, Property Management, Real Estate, Rental Property, Residential, Web AppsLess than $1M
MigoContent, Digital Media, Education, Media and Entertainment, Video$10M to $50M
CakapApps, E-Learning, EdTech, Education
LemoniloE-Commerce, Health Care, InternetLess than $1M
StaffincInformation Technology, Marketing, Recruiting, Software$1M to $10M
Emtek GroupInformation Technology, Social Media, Telecommunications$100M to $500M
SegariFood and Beverage, Grocery, Retail
MokaFinTech, Mobile Payments, Point of Sale, Small and Medium Businesses$1M to $10M
Jago CoffeeCoffee, Computer, Food and Beverage
RingkasFinancial Services, FinTech, Real Estate
KitaBeliConsumer Goods, E-Commerce, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, Grocery, Group Buying$10M to $50M
InvestreeB2B, Financial Services, FinTech, Lending, Marketplace$1M to $10M
HangryDelivery Service, Food and Beverage, Food Delivery, Restaurants
Paxel.coLifestyle, Logistics, Supply Chain Management
MajooApps, Business Development, SaaS, Small and Medium Businesses, Software
OtoklixAutomotive, Autonomous Vehicles, Software
Jala TechAgTech, Aquaculture, Farming, Hardware, Internet of Things$1M to $10M
Warung PintarAnalytics, Commercial, Communities, Information Technology, Retail, Retail Technology, Security, SoftwareLess than $1M
ModalkuApps, B2B, Consumer Lending, E-Commerce, Financial Services, FinTech, Lending, Marketplace, Small and Medium Businesses$10M to $50M
JagoBanking, Financial Services$1M to $10M
FishLogAquaculture, Seafood, Supply Chain Management
LinkAjaFinancial Services, FinTech, Mobile Payments
DokuFinance, InsurTech, Payments, Risk Management$100M to $500M
Esensi Solusi BuanaInformation Technology, Restaurants
wagelyEmployee Benefits, Financial Services
VKTRElectric Vehicle, GreenTech, Manufacturing
TipTipContent Creators, Video on Demand, Video Streaming$1M to $10M
J&T ExpressCourier Service, E-Commerce, Freight ServiceLess than $1M
LifepalAuto Insurance, E-Commerce, Financial Services, FinTech, Insurance, InsurTech, Marketplace$10M to $50M
PintarnyaFinancial Services, Mobile Apps
Bobobox IndonesiaEnergy, Information Technology, Renewable Energy, Travel
DekorumaConstruction, E-Commerce, Furniture, Home Decor, Interior Design
Yummy CorpCatering, Food and Beverage, Food Delivery, Food Processing
TravelioHospitality, Marketplace, Property Management, Real Estate, Rental Property, Travel Accommodations
OnlinePajakFinTech, Information Services, Information Technology
BrickDeveloper APIs, Financial Services, FinTech, Information Technology$1M to $10M
OctopusInformation Technology, Mobile Apps, Recycling, Waste Management
iSellerInformation Services, Information Technology, Mobile AppsLess than $1M
AnterajaDelivery Service, Freight Service, Logistics, Shipping$1M to $10M
GenexyzVirtual Reality
Ismaya GroupLifestyle
MapanApps, Communities, Enterprise, Financial Services, FinTech, Information Technology$1M to $10M
BukukasApps, Financial Services, Internet
KomunalCommercial Lending, Financial Services, FinTech, Lending
PitikAgriculture, Farmers Market, Farming
Tentang Anak
DailyboxE-Commerce, Food and Beverage
CROWDEAgriculture, AgTech, Financial Services, FinTech, Social Entrepreneurship
Kitabisa.comCrowdfunding, FinTech, Health Care, Non Profit, Social Entrepreneurship
KitaLulusMobile Apps$1M to $10M
ModuitFinance, Financial Services, FinTech
PraktisLogistics, Management Consulting, Supply Chain Management
Somethinc BeautyBeauty, Cosmetics, Personal Health
DELOSAgriculture, Aquaculture, Management Consulting
GojekConsumer Applications, E-Commerce, Food Delivery, Logistics, Payments, Transportation$500M to $1B
Jet CommerceAdvertising, B2B, Business Development, Business Information Systems, Business Intelligence, Consulting, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce
EurekaAnalytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning
RekuCryptocurrency, Financial Services, FinTech
Fresh FactoryLogistics, Warehousing
Waste4ChangeCleanTech, GreenTech, Recycling, Waste Management
NoiceAudio, Content, Internet Radio, Mobile Apps, Music, Social Media
OramiE-Commerce, Internet, Parenting, ShoppingLess than $1M
Rey.idHealth Care, Health Diagnostics, Health Insurance, InsurTech$1M to $10M
SkorLifeFinancial Services, FinTech
PlugoE-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Information Technology, SaaS, Software
FinkuApps, Financial Services, FinTech, Personal Finance
VCGamersE-Commerce, Information Technology, Social Media, Social Network, Video Games
Bank MandiriFinance, Financial Services
XuryaEnvironmental Consulting, Environmental Engineering, Peer to Peer, Renewable Energy, Solar
FairatmosEnvironmental Consulting, Service Industry
BizzyInternet, Marketplace, Transportation, Wholesale$1M to $10M
PasarnowE-Commerce, Grocery, Retail
BrikBuilding Material, Construction
SirkaHealth Care, Information Services, Wellness
SemaaiAgriculture, AgTech, Information Technology
Indika EnergyEnergy, Energy Management, Mining, Solar
ESQABeauty, Cosmetics, E-Commerce, Retail
Kata.aiArtificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, PaaS, SaaS
SampinganFreelance, Human Resources, Information Technology
GREDUE-Learning, EdTech, Education
BaseBeauty, Cosmetics, E-Commerce, Wellness
Juragan MaterialBuilding Material, Construction, E-Commerce
INDODAXBitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Financial Exchanges, Financial Services, FinTechLess than $1M
EleveniaE-Commerce, Fashion, Marketplace
Cimory GroupCommercial, Food and Beverage, Sales
PintekEducation, Financial Services, FinTech
Blue Bird GroupLogistics, Service Industry, Transportation$10M to $50M
PROTON HoldingsAutomotive, Autonomous Vehicles, Machinery Manufacturing, Manufacturing$1B to $10B
KBMContent Creators, Digital Entertainment, Education, Mobile Apps, Social Media
CosmartB2C, Retail, Retail Technology
Bank IndexBanking, Commercial, Financial Services, Small and Medium Businesses
DigiAsia BiosFinancial Services, Information Services, Information Technology
CredibookFinance, Software
SwapAutomotive, Battery, Clean Energy
FabelioE-Commerce, Furniture, Home Decor, Manufacturing
EktaChainBlockchain, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Real Estate, Software
Lifepack.idHealth Care, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Wellness$1M to $10M
Legit GroupDelivery, Food and Beverage, Food Delivery, Restaurants
VerihubsArtificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Developer APIs, Developer Platform, Financial Services, FinTech, Machine Learning, Software
FlipFinance, Financial Services, FinTech, Payments$1M to $10M
NAMA BeautyBeauty, Cosmetics
UangTemanCredit, Financial Services, FinTech, Lending, Micro Lending
UpBanxFinancial Services, FinTech
Grouu Baby FoodFood and Beverage
OlseraInternet, Mobile, Point of Sale, SaaS$1M to $10M
AsarenBiometrics, Biotechnology
AndalinFreight Service, Shipping, Shipping Broker
ProglixB2B, Building Material
Cinema XXIFilm, Film Production, Media and Entertainment
RaenaConsumer Goods, E-Commerce, Web AppsLess than $1M
ChilibeliE-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Information Technology, Shopping, Social Network$50M to $100M
RitaseB2B, Freight Service, Logistics, Mobile Apps, SaaS, Shipping, Supply Chain Management, Transportation
CrewdibleInformation Services, Information Technology, Logistics$1M to $10M
NOBICryptocurrency, FinTech, Trading Platform
KedaiSayurAgTech, Farmers Market, Food and Beverage, Logistics, Supply Chain Management
AriaAgriculture, AgTech
SIRCLOE-Commerce, Information Technology, Web Design, Web Development$1M to $10M
Zi.CareHealth Care, Medical
Mitra AdiperkasaE-Commerce, Fashion, Lifestyle, Retail
AtmaHuman Resources, Information Technology, Social Media
BitwyreBitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Financial Exchanges, Financial Services
Kimia FarmaPharmaceutical
GokomodoConsulting, Information Technology, Supply Chain Management
DAVID GROUPArtificial Intelligence, Consulting, Cyber Security, Drones, Education, Electronics, Internet, Privacy, Renewable Energy, Software
Diri CareHealth Care, Medical
KiosonE-Commerce, Internet, Internet of Things, Mobile Apps, Online Portals, Software$50M to $100M
Pashouses.idInformation Services, Real Estate, Rental
DropezyConsumer Goods, Delivery, Delivery Service, E-Commerce, Grocery, Logistics, Retail
CoHiveCommunities, Coworking, Office Administration
prixa.aiHealth Care
TransTRACK.IDInternet of Things, Logistics
AjaibFinance, Financial Services, FinTech, Trading Platform$10M to $50M
Bhinneka.ComComputer, E-Commerce, Internet, Sustainability
Intrepid Group AsiaBusiness Development, Business Intelligence, Developer APIs, E-Commerce, Information TechnologyLess than $1M
SUN EnergyEnergy, Environmental Consulting, Renewable Energy$1M to $10M
AgateConsole Games, Corporate Training, Gamification, Mobile Apps, Software, Video Games$1M to $10M
GoWorkCoworking, Furniture, Real Estate, Rental
HyfenBlockchain, Cryptocurrency, Gaming
SritexManufacturing, Textiles$500M to $1B
ColdspaceMarketplace, Supply Chain Management, Warehousing
IDEAL IndonesiaConsumer Lending, Credit, Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, Information Technology, Property Development, Real Estate, Software
Bank BTPNBanking, Finance, Financial Services
PintapApps, Communities, Consulting, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, Information Technology, Market Research, Professional Services, Retail, Retail Technology, Software
AmanEmployee Benefits, Human Resources, InsurTech, Internet, SaaS
Mandaya Medical InternationalHealth Care, Hospital, Hospitality, Medical
MYCL | Mycotech LabAdvanced Materials, Biotechnology, Fashion$10M to $50M
Klinik PintarFitness, Health Care, Information Technology, Wellness
HarukaEduEducation, Internet$1M to $10M
MyRobin.idB2B, Big Data, Customer Service, Employee Benefits, Logistics, Retail Technology, Warehousing
TokoTalkE-Commerce, Information Technology, Management Information Systems
QravedE-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Hospitality, Mobile Apps, News, Restaurants, Software, Video
NeurosensumArtificial Intelligence, Consumer, Consumer Research, Machine Learning, Neuroscience
Matahari MallE-Commerce, Fashion, Retail$50M to $100M
Haus! IndonesiaFood and Beverage, Tea
Grow CommerceE-Commerce, Fashion, Marketplace, Retail, Women’s
AkulakuBanking, Financial Services, FinTech, Insurance, Wealth Management$100M to $500M
SnapcartAnalytics, Apps, Big Data, MobileLess than $1M
SweetEscapeApps, Artificial Intelligence, Developer Platform, Photography
Nimbly TechnologiesEnterprise Software, Information Technology
FinfraEmbedded Systems, FinTech, Information Technology
RaRa DeliveryCustomer Service, E-Commerce, Logistics
Bank Jasa JakartaFinancial Services$100M to $500M
ASSEMBLR3D Technology, Apps, Augmented Reality, Information Technology, Software, Virtual Reality
Kimia Farma ApotekHealth Care, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Retail
OKHOMEHome Services, Local, Service Industry
Home Credit FinanceFinance, Financial Services$1B to $10B
GarudafoodFood and Beverage, Hospitality, Snack Food$1M to $10M
Samator Indo GasIndustrial Manufacturing, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas$100M to $500M
Green Rebel FoodsConsumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Food Processing
BatumbuFinancial Services, FinTech, Internet, Online Portals, Peer to Peer
MAKMURFinancial Services, FinTech
YOU (Youvit)Fitness, Health Care, WellnessLess than $1M
Five JackGaming, Online Games, PC Games, Trading Platform, Video Games, Virtual Reality$1M to $10M
Alpha JWC VenturesFinancial Services, FinTech, Venture Capital
Japfa Comfeed IndonesiaAnimal Feed, Food Processing, Manufacturing$500M to $1B
Good Games GuildBlockchain, Gaming
PasarMIKROAgriculture, E-Commerce, Financial Services, Marketplace
MindteraEdTech, Education
MangkokkuCooking, Food and Beverage, Hotel, Restaurants
FlikBrand Marketing, Direct Marketing
FUNDtasticFinancial Services, FinTech, Insurance, InsurTech, Mobile Apps$1M to $10M
CashtreeAdvertising, Advertising Platforms, Publishing$10M to $50M
AstroDelivery, E-Commerce, Internet
Bio FarmaBiotechnology, Health Care
PINA IndonesiaFinance, Financial Services
FitaHealth Care
LingoTalkE-Learning, EdTech, Education, Language Learning
StickEarnAdvertising, Marketing
TEMUApps, Publishing, Web Apps
PT Kini Teknologi IndonesiaAndroid, Human Resources, iOS, Software
AC VenturesFinancial Services
TanakuConstruction, Property Management, Real Estate, Rental Property
TitipkuE-Commerce, Retail, Small and Medium Businesses
GringgoMobile Apps, Recycling, Web Apps$1M to $10M
Indopasifik Teknologi Medika IndonesiaDietary Supplements, Health Care, Medical, Wellness
99ninetynine.comApps, E-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Lifestyle, Procurement
GoersMedia and Entertainment, Ticketing, Tourism
Bank Bumi ArtaBanking, Finance, Financial Services$10M to $50M
Kating Project IndonesiaGraphic Design, Information Technology, Product Design, Web Design
SorabelClassifieds, Fashion, Retail$1M to $10M
DanacitaEducation, Financial Services
SuperApps, Consumer, E-Commerce
PT ALBA Tridi Plastics Recycling IndonesiaRecycling, Water Purification
PintuBitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, FinTech
T.E.A.M DAOeSports, Fantasy Sports, Gaming, Sports
KinerjaPayE-Commerce, Payments, Transaction Processing
AdaKerjaApps, B2B, Employment, Human Resources, Internet, Recruiting, SoftwareLess than $1M
BintanGOContent Creators
IDCloudHostCloud Computing, Network Security
Bingkai KaryaMedia and Entertainment, TV Production
Furtados School of MusicEducation, Music, Music Education$1M to $10M
Bank Bisnis InternasionalBanking, Commercial, Financial Services$100M to $500M
PT Ultrajaya Milk IndustryConsumer, Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage$100M to $500M
IguVerseBlockchain, Information Technology
PT Nippon Indosari CorpindoFood and Beverage, Food Processing, Organic Food$50M to $100M
Blitz Electric MobilityAutomotive, Electric Vehicle, Software, Transportation
Rose All DayBeauty, Cosmetics, E-Commerce, Retail$1M to $10M
FuseApps, Finance, Insurance, InsurTech$50M to $100M
Maha KartaArt, Collectibles, Furniture, Home Decor, Manufacturing, Recycling, Waste Management, Wood Processing
INDORIVERB2B, E-Commerce, Manufacturing
MadhangCatering, Cooking, E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Food Delivery, Food Processing, Marketplace, Point of Sale
FoomConsumer Goods, Lifestyle
QlueAnalytics, Artificial Intelligence, Data Visualization, Internet of Things, Software$10M to $50M
BananasDelivery, E-Commerce, Grocery
KredivoCredit Cards, Financial Services, FinTech, Lending, Payments$100M to $500M
ParasBlockchain, Cryptocurrency, Marketplace
Aino IndonesiaInformation Technology
GrivyAnalytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Consumer Electronics, Internet, Retail, Software$1M to $10M
Paper.idFinTech, Mobile Apps, Payments, Software
PT Mitra Pinasthika Mustika RentAutomotive, Car Sharing, Transportation$100M to $500M
CEO PT. Matahari Putra Prima TbkConsumer, Retail$500M to $1B
CIREBON TVInformation Technology, Software, Web Design
DaganganDelivery Service, E-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Information Technology, Mobile Apps, Retail, Retail Technology, Wholesale
Nusantara Aplikasi ApartindoComputer, Consulting, Information Technology, Internet, SaaS
PahamifyE-Learning, Education
VisinemaFilm, Media and Entertainment
AdvoticsAnalytics, Software
TDZ AnimationsVideo
Sicepat ExpressCourier Service, Delivery, E-Commerce$10M to $50M
FinansialkuConsulting, Finance, Financial Services, InsurTech, Online Portals, Personal Finance$1M to $10M
GreatDay HRMobile, SaaS, Software$1M to $10M
IndotradingB2B, E-Commerce, Online Portals, SEO$1M to $10M
Tunas FarmAgriculture, Farming, Horticulture, Hydroponics, Information Technology, Internet of Things
Indosurya Inti FinanceBusiness Information Systems, Finance, Financial Services$1M to $10M
NusanticsBiotechnology, Health Care, Health Diagnostics
McEasyFleet Management, Logistics, SaaS, Software, Supply Chain Management, Transportation
KlikdailyApps, Information Technology, Mobile Apps, Software
DelmanAnalytics, Big Data, Software
Kyoko.financeFinancial Services
DjoinFinancial Services, FinTech, Information Technology, SaaS
RekavaSaaS, Software, Software Engineering
PT Lister Teknologi EdukasiE-Learning, EdTech, Education
Outpost$1M to $10M
GrupinE-Commerce, Retail, Shopping
CareNowFinance, Financial Services, FinTech, Information Technology
GudangAdaB2B, E-Commerce, Information Technology, Internet, Logistics, Micro Lending$10M to $50M
KulinaDelivery Service, Food and Beverage, Food Delivery, Mobile Apps$1M to $10M
REDYApps, E-Learning, Employment, Human Resources, Recruiting
PT Mitra Bisnis Keluarga VenturaFinance, Financial Services, Micro Lending
ErascoLogistics, Sales, Shipping, Warehousing
BakoolFood Delivery, Information Technology, Internet
PAYFAZZBanking, Financial Services, FinTech, Mobile, Payments$10M to $50M
HalosisArtificial Intelligence, Software
WakuCatering, E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, HospitalityLess than $1M
Chandra AsriChemical, Manufacturing$1B to $10B
FLNIndustrial Manufacturing, Manufacturing, Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing
FinfleetFinance, Financial Services, Fleet Management, Information Services, Information Technology, Logistics
AvaniBusiness Information Systems, Marketing$1M to $10M
WalletKuFinancial Services, Payments$1M to $10M
Quantum VenturesVenture Capital
Sibiti.co.idEducation, Information Technology, Internet
KurioApps, Audio, Content, Content Creators, Content Syndication, Mobile, Mobile Advertising, News$1M to $10M
Radana Bhaskara FinanceFinance, Financial Services, FinTech, Leasing
Kalbe Genexine BiologicsBiotechnology, Life Science
TumbuhFinance, Financial Services, FinTech, Lending, Payments
OtomoE-Commerce, Information Technology, Internet, RentalLess than $1M
Ituloh!Content Creators, Content Delivery Network, Content Discovery, Content Marketing, E-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle, Social Shopping
RankpillarAdvertising, Consulting, Digital Marketing, Marketing
MangdropshipE-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Marketplace$1M to $10M
Gree EnergyBiomass Energy, Industrial Engineering, Renewable Energy$1M to $10M
Eizper ChainBlockchain, Gaming
Off MeatFood and Beverage, Organic Food, SustainabilityLess than $1M
Sei Balai Green EnergyRenewable Energy
BeliMobilGueAutomotive, E-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Trading Platform$10M to $50M
Zenius EducationEducation
Buka Investasi BersamaInternet
CashlezBanking, Financial Services, FinTech, Payments$10M to $50M
FemaleDaily NetworkContent Discovery, E-Commerce$1M to $10M
NWP RetailReal Estate, Retail
Ride JakartaHealth Care, Leisure, Tourism, Travel$10M to $50M
iGrowAgriculture, Crowdfunding, Impact Investing, Marketplace$1M to $10M
IDN MediaContent Creators, Digital Entertainment, Digital Media, Film, Information Technology, News, Publishing, Social Media, Social News, Video Streaming$1M to $10M
LimakiloAgriculture, Farming, Internet$1M to $10M
GoolaFood and Beverage
HealthProHealth Care, Human Resources, Outsourcing, Service Industry
BRI VenturesBusiness Development, Financial Services, Venture Capital
ShooperInformation Technology
BJTechApps, Artificial Intelligence, B2B, Customer Service, Information Services, Information Technology, Marketing, Natural Language Processing, Virtual Assistant$1M to $10M
PrinterousArt, E-Commerce, Printing
BerrybenkaE-Commerce, Fashion$1M to $10M
Vasham Kosa SejahteraAgriculture, AgTech, Farming
Agri Sparta IndonesiaAgriculture, AgTech, Farming
RuangLaptopComputer, Internet, Mobile, Video GamesLess than $1M
MD PicturesFilm Production, TV$10M to $50M
HartoTransTransportation, Travel Agency
Sonar PlatformAnalytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, SaaS, Social Media Marketing$1M to $10M
AkarAgriculture, AgTech, Farming
AgrigateAgriculture, AgTech, Fashion, Supply Chain Management, Trading Platform
juragancemilanE-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Marketing, Marketplace
TaraliteFinancial Services, FinTech, Lending$1M to $10M
TanamduitFinancial Services
Fit Hub IndonesiaHealth Care, Wellness
MagalarvaBiometrics, Biopharma, Biotechnology, Health Care
TalentaHuman Resources, Recruiting, SaaS, SoftwareLess than $1M
SociaBuzzContent Creators$1M to $10M
HijUpE-Commerce, Fashion, Graphic Design
Qoo10-IndonesiaConsumer, E-Commerce
DekatKitaCommunities, E-Commerce
Agung Podomoro Land$100M to $500M
etobeeDelivery, Mobile Apps, Software, Web Apps$10M to $50M
EdulabConsulting, E-Learning, Education, Hospitality$50M to $100M
WahyooFood and Beverage, Retail Technology, Supply Chain Management
BlocknomBlockchain, Cryptocurrency, FinTech
KESIAElectronic Health Record (EHR), Health Care, Hospital, Medical Device, Software
LYKEBeauty, E-Commerce, Fashion, Lifestyle, Shopping$1M to $10M
ProwritingArtificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Productivity Tools, UX Design
Storial.coDigital Entertainment, Internet, Media and Entertainment
WaggintonE-Commerce, Pet
TruClimateProfessional Services, Renewable Energy, Software, Sustainability
ManuportB2B, Fashion, Marketplace, Supply Chain Management, Textiles
Aido HealthHealth Care, Home Health Care, Information Technology, InsurTech, Wellness$1M to $10M
AsumsiDigital Media, Film, Media and Entertainment, Music
RefundwayFinance, Financial Services, FinTech
MirzunoCloud Computing, Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Storage, Email, Furniture, Web Design, Web Development, Web Hosting
IDS | International Design SchoolE-Learning, EdTech, Education$1M to $10M
HOTEL NIDAHotel, Leisure, Tourism, Travel$1M to $10M
LazadaE-Commerce, Internet$500M to $1B
TarrasmartArtificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Internet, Machine Learning, Mobile Apps, Software
GeloraInformation Technology, Online Portals, Software, Sports
Bank MaspionBanking, Financial Services, Wealth Management$1M to $10M
PopulixBig Data, Database, Enterprise Software, Market Research, SaaS
Lenna.aiArtificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual AssistantLess than $1M
GarudafoodConsumer Goods
YukStayBuilding Material, E-Commerce, Internet, Marketplace, Real Estate$1M to $10M
PT Widodo Makmur Perkasa TbkAgriculture, Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Food Processing
AcademixE-Learning, EdTech, Education, Online Portals, Training
LogolInformation Technology, Internet, Logistics, Marketplace, Shipping, Supply Chain Management
IDStar Cipta TeknologiConsulting, Information Technology, Mobile, Outsourcing, Software
AgridesaAgriculture, Farming
My FansApps, E-Commerce, Information Technology, Internet, Mining, Software
IFT GroupInformation Technology
Indonesia Crypto NetworkBlockchain, Cryptocurrency, Finance, Internet$1M to $10M
Yuna & Co.B2C, Consulting, Direct Sales, E-Commerce, Fashion
Jurnal.idAccounting, SaaS, Software$1M to $10M
inacom.idAgriculture, Farmers Market, IT Management, Logistics
KomidaFinancial Services, Lending, Training$1M to $10M
NusanteraApps, Electronics, Information Technology, Internet of Things, Software, Web Development
Reliance Capital ManagementFinance, Financial ServicesLess than $1M
Altech Omega AndalanBusiness Intelligence, Consulting, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Information Technology, Mobile Apps, SoftwareLess than $1M
PetskitaE-Commerce, Mobile Apps, Pet, Veterinary
PT Global Tiket NetworkE-Commerce, Travel$100M to $500M
PomonaE-Commerce, Retail$1M to $10M
Meatless KingdomFood and Beverage, Food Processing
GuruInovatifApps, E-Learning, Education
AigisHealth Care, Information Services, Information Technology
ArtpediaBlockchain, Information Technology, Marketplace
PT Geo Dipa EnergiEnergy, Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy
AstadavaHospitality, Information Technology, Property Management, Travel Agency
Toko Amal .AsiaInternet
BION ERPConsulting, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Information Technology
BonzaAnalytics, Big Data$1M to $10M
General TechBig Data, Communications Infrastructure, Consulting, Information Technology, Internet, IT Infrastructure, Mobile Apps
tiketturindoE-Commerce, Ticketing, Travel$1M to $10M
Little Joy IndonesiaConsumer Goods
Skystar CapitalBig Data, Consumer Lending, EdTech, Education, Financial Services, FinTech
GreatEduE-Learning, EdTech, Education
GoPlayMedia and Entertainment, Video Streaming$100M to $500M
DINOTISAdvertising, Content Creators, Digital Media
JarambaInformation Services, Information Technology, Mobile, Transportation
kandangFinancial Services, FinTech
Hyakki NFTInformation Technology
YogrtApps, Social MediaLess than $1M
SticarAdvertising, Advertising Platforms, Digital Marketing
TerokaE-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Retail
GNEWSAdvertising, Mobile, News, Social Media$1M to $10M
3DolphinsArtificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Machine Learning, Software
Bank Central AsiaBanking, Finance, Financial Services, Personal Branding
EdukuE-Learning, EdTech, Education
Kehamilan Sehat SejahteraHealth Care
FrappioApps, Incubators, Information Technology, Mobile Apps, Professional Services, Social Media, Software, Venture Capital
KonsumtifFinancial Services, FinTechLess than $1M
Navigat Energy IndonesiaEnergy, Project Management
Green ButcherFood and Beverage
bimbelmcCollege Recruiting, Continuing Education, E-Learning, Edutainment, MOOC, Personal Development, Primary Education, Skill Assessment, Textbook, Tutoring
Ragam KabarDigital Media, News
PicMixInformation Technology, Photo Sharing, Social Media$1M to $10M
DamoGOE-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Information Technology, Software, Waste Management
KutanamAgriculture, Farming, Organic Food$50M to $100M
N-1 SUPERSEAAerospace, Air Transportation, Manufacturing
Gro TechE-Commerce, Software
ClaudeE-Commerce, Fashion
Qareer Group AsiaCareer Planning, Marketplace
KepingAiBlockchain, Cryptocurrency
TADAAdvertising, E-Commerce, Gift Card, Information Technology, Loyalty Programs, Marketing Automation, Payments, SaaS, Software
Pundi PundiBilling, Financial Services, Mobile Apps, PaymentsLess than $1M
Pocket PetMobile Apps, Pet
Solardex EnergyClean Energy, Energy, Renewable Energy, Solar
Brambang.comDelivery Service, Internet
KoltivaB2B, CRM, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Information Technology, Software$10M to $50M
AdiwisistaFinance, Financial Services
KLAR SmileDental, Health Care
Sesama CareApps, Health Care, Wellness
SwoopPublic Transportation, Ride Sharing, Transportation
EndorsMeAdvertising, Apps, Marketing
PT Wallezz Finansial TeknologiFinancial Services, FinTech, SaaS, Small and Medium Businesses, Social Impact$1M to $10M
RiasafoodFood and Beverage, Retail
TIRANYXAdvertising, Creative Agency, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Marketing, SaaS, SEO, Social Media
NusaTalentEdTech, Education, Enterprise Software, Human Resources
PairedsCloud Security
TriplogicLogisticsLess than $1M
XWORKCommercial Real Estate, E-Commerce, Leasing, Marketplace, Real Estate, Rental, Sharing EconomyLess than $1M
carclicksAutomotive, Marketplace, Wholesale
HypeAdvertising, Information Technology, Internet
YukjualAgriculture, E-Commerce, Marketplace
8villagesApps, Big Data, Education, Enterprise Software, Social Media$1M to $10M
Petani Kakao Lampung PTAgriculture
TGI TechnologiesSaaS
TinggalHotel, Internet, Marketplace$1M to $10M
KidspaceEducation, Parenting
MyBrandConsumer, E-Commerce, Marketplace, Service Industry
Tasty TableFood and Beverage, Food Delivery
AhlijasaAndroid, Information Technology, Laundry and Dry-cleaning, Point of Sale, Procurement$1M to $10M
BELITONG INFOInformation Technology, Internet, Media and Entertainment, News
Alatté BeautyCosmetics, Lifestyle
CALLISTABeauty, Cosmetics, Wellness
Gunung Sewu GroupAssociation, Financial Services
Blackstone Digital AgencyAdvertising, Apps, Internet, Mobile, Social Media$1M to $10M
RiauwebhostConsulting, Information Technology, Internet
LakuponDigital Entertainment, E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle$1M to $10M
LuminaHuman Resources, Information Technology, Recruiting, Training
Intudo VenturesBusiness Development, Financial Services, Venture Capital$1M to $10M
TrukitaInformation Technology, Logistics, Marketplace, Small and Medium Businesses, Transportation$1M to $10M
TempoPublic Relations, Software$1M to $10M
MecapanBeauty, Internet, Marketplace
Berry KitchenCustomer Service, E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Internet, Retail, Travel$1M to $10M
OVOInformation Services, Payments
VenturraAngel Investment, Financial Services, Venture Capital$1M to $10M
Newman’sBeauty, Health Care, Men’s, Personal Health, Wellness
WOWBIDAuctions, E-Commerce, Marketplace$1M to $10M
PT. Astra International TbkAutomotive, Financial Services, Information Technology, Infrastructure, Manufacturing$1B to $10B
TiinTiinAutomotive, Marketplace
DatanestArtificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, SaaS, Sales Automation, Software
MonolivingE-Commerce, Furniture, Home Decor, Lifestyle
DAUREnergy, Renewable Energy, Waste Management
HadikuE-Commerce, Real Estate
Whantie CollectionFashion, Manufacturing, Retail
MAPIDBusiness Intelligence, Data Visualization, Enterprise Software, Geospatial, Information Technology, Internet of Things, Location Based Services, Open Source, SaaS, Software
ElevarmAgriculture, AgTech, Farming
UlimusConsumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Retail
OKEYNOTESAdvertising, Blogging Platforms, Classifieds, E-Commerce, Internet, Messaging, Social Media, Video
Oxdream GroupDigital Media, Information Technology
TokoCryptoInformation Services, Information Technology, Internet
FinantierFinancial Services, FinTech, Information Technology, Payments, Software
NecticoInformation Technology, Software
Kelaskita.comE-Learning, EBooks, Education, Social MediaLess than $1M
FUNDnesiaB2B, FinTech
MotoranE-Commerce, Internet, Marketplace, Online Portals, Transportation
MobilKamuAutomotive, Mobile
Jarvis StoreApps, E-Commerce, Information Services, Information Technology, Internet, Software
AlterraFinTech, Information Technology, Internet, Payments
Kejora CapitalFinancial Services Venture Capital
Kanvasenja Creative MediaGaming, Information Services, Information Technology
GeekzwolfBlockchain, Gaming, Internet
HYDROAdvanced Materials, Public Safety, Water, Water Purification$10M to $50M
SMDVFinTech Venture Capital
KeycoaEdutainment, Gaming, Retail
TransfezFinancial Services
FairFlavor FoodsFood and Beverage, Food Processing
Telkom IndonesiaDigital Media, Information Technology, Telecommunications$1B to $10B
ZiwaCommunities, Health Care, Wellness
Bank Negara IndonesiaBanking, Finance, Financial Services$500M to $1B
Enevti.comBlockchain, Content Creators, Cryptocurrency, Finance, Social Media
Prasetia DwidharmaVenture Capital
EaterooFood and Beverage, Food Delivery, Marketplace
Gio Group IndonesiaConsumer Goods, E-Commerce, Furniture, Interior Design
Sinbad IndonesiaApps, E-Commerce, Marketplace, Mobile
BlingE-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Marketplace
Social BreadInternet, Social Media, Social Media Management
Geraiku IndonesiaCommunities, Emerging Markets, Mobile Apps, Retail Technology, Sharing Economy, Social Impact
Star EnergyEnergy, Industrial Engineering, Oil and Gas
AtendaInternet, Retail
GDP VentureInformation Technology, Internet, Venture Capital
TeleCTGHealth Care, Medical, Medical Device
BubaysAgriculture, Delivery, E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Health Care, Hospitality$1M to $10M
TripvistoAdventure Travel, Tourism, Travel$1M to $10M
Plutus SoftwareApps, Finance, Mobile, Personal Finance$1M to $10M
Zeemi.tvInternet, Media and Entertainment, Social Media
AdiraFinancial Services
Autobitco IncCryptocurrency, Financial Services
OtoAutomotive, E-Commerce
imajin3D Printing, Automotive, Electronics, Industrial Manufacturing, Manufacturing, Product DesignLess than $1M
Dailysocial.idIncubators, Information Technology, News, Social Media
TokoboxLess than $1M
SuryanesiaClean Energy, Renewable Energy
RestoDepotE-Commerce, Food and Beverage
SaturdaysEyewear, Manufacturing$1M to $10M
AuthenticGuardsInformation Technology
Wings Group IndonesiaConsumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing
PrinzioManufacturing, Outsourcing, Printing
ayopeduli.comAssociation, Communities, Education, Health Care, Non Profit, Online Portals, Service Industry
SeaBank IndonesiaBanking, Financial Services, Mobile Apps
GoCementBuilding Material, Construction, E-Commerce, Marketplace, Procurement
DigigardaApps, Mobile Apps, Physical Security, SaaS, Security
RumahProperty Development, Property Management, Rental, Rental Property
KomerceInformation Technology
Deall (YC W22)Human Resources Recruiting
ParaplouAdvertising, E-Commerce, Fashion, Internet, Lifestyle, News, Social Media, Web Development
PopIt SnackAgriculture, AgTech, Application Performance Management, Cloud Infrastructure, E-Commerce, Manufacturing
RevoUHigher Education
AbraRestoContent Discovery, E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Hospitality, Restaurants, Social Media Management
EveningflavorsE-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Internet, Lifestyle, Online Portals, Restaurants
GreenHCMEnterprise Software, SoftwareLess than $1M
Triputra Group$10M to $50M
GetCraftAdvertising, Content Creators, Marketing, Sharing Economy
Anzfootball – football streaming siteSoccer, Sports
GeevvAdvertising, Internet, Search Engine
FeedloopDigital Media
hidup.co.idReal Estate, Rental Property$1M to $10M
PegipegiHospitality, Hotel, Information Technology, Marketing, Travel$10M to $50M
Rumah Bawang KadedikaFood and Beverage, Retail
Binar AcademyEducation, Information Technology, Software Engineering$10M to $50M
BipiB2B, Point of Sale, Retail
RukitaReal Estate, Sharing Economy
Mahanusa Capital
PaprikaApps, Financial Services, FinTech, Mobile, Payments$1M to $10M
TS Store IndonesiaFinancial Services, Mobile Payments
AirBumiFood and Beverage
RilivApps, Health Care, Information Services, Information Technology, Psychology, Wellness$10M to $50M
SribuuApps, Financial Services, FinTech
MNC GroupFinancial Services
Bumi Resources MineralsMineral, Mining$1M to $10M
Peta CareersEducation
RUN SystemEnterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Finance, Software$50M to $100M
ValutacE-Commerce, EdTech, Software
kumparanAdvertising, Media and Entertainment
Kinesys Group
NadiPoint of Sale, Restaurants, Software
WLabkuAnimal Feed, Waste Management
Finplan IDEducation
RunchiseManagement Consulting, Publishing
MatakotaInformation Technology, Smart Cities, Social Media
Bang JaminArtificial Intelligence, Insurance
Asdos.idE-Learning, EdTech, Education, Higher Education, Marketplace
SleekrAccounting, Human Resources, SaaS, Small and Medium Businesses, SoftwareLess than $1M
UniPinGaming, Payments
DigiGrowthIDNDigital Marketing
FlokqBuilding Maintenance, Building Material, Communities, Home Renovation, Home Services, Internet, Property Management, Real Estate, Rental, Rental PropertyLess than $1M
Hukumonline.comInformation Services, Legal, Legal Tech
Bursaku.idFinancial Services, Information Technology, Marketing
Meratus GroupLogistics, Transportation$10M to $50M
ZtoHE-Learning, Education, Training, Unified Communications, Vocational Education
NodefluxAnalytics, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Information Technology, Machine Learning
ManuvaB2B, E-Commerce, Internet, Manufacturing, Packaging Services, Supply Chain Management
Teman UsahaFinance, Financial Services, FinTech, Mobile, Mobile Apps$1M to $10M
DOOgetherApps, E-Commerce, Fitness, Lifestyle, Wellness
KlikDokterHealth Care, InsurTech, mHealth, Wellness$1M to $10M
CINEVERSE IDFilm, Film Distribution, Media and Entertainment, News
PT Mitra Transaksi IndonesiaFinancial Services, Information Technology$1M to $10M
Invermay VenturesFinancial Services, Venture Capital$1M to $10M
Hong Leong BankBanking, Credit, Financial Services, Wealth Management
SmalloonTelecommunications Wired Telecommunications
Properin GroupInformation Technology, Property Management, Real Estate Investment$10M to $50M
SehatQAssistive Technology, Health Care, Insurance, InsurTech
MySkillE-Learning, Information Technology, Software
SinarmasVenture CapitalLess than $1M
Amity Asia AgencyConcerts, Events, Music
LoveCareFitness, Wellness
Prosa.aiArtificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Software
AirpazTicketing, Tourism, Travel
Netzme Kreasi Indonesia PTAndroid, Billing, Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, iOS, Mobile Apps, Payments, Software
PT. Kaldu Sari Nabati IndonesiaAgriculture, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing$10M to $50M
BFI FinanceFinance, Manufacturing$100M to $500M
PT. Coconut Charcoal Briquette Factory IndonesiaAgriculture, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing$10M to $50M
SchotersE-Learning, EdTech, Education
Bank Neo CommerceAccounting, Banking, Financial Services$1M to $10M
TwibbonizeInternet, Web Apps
PT Kalbe FarmaHealth Care, Pharmaceutical
FWD InsuranceInsurance$1B to $10B
JakmallE-Commerce, Marketing$10M to $50M
Achmad Zaky Foundation
PT PertaminaEnergy, Mining, Renewable Energy
RevasiBeauty, Health Care, Marketplace, Wellness$1M to $10M
TjufooConsumer, Retail
Earth OblivionBlockchain, Gaming
Future Creative NetworkAdvertising, Blockchain, Consulting, Content Creators, Creative Agency, Digital Marketing, UX Design, Venture Capital
Brama One VenturesVenture Capital
EasybensinE-Commerce, Information Technology, Software
Radius AppInternet, Lifestyle
JubelioE-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Software
PT Good Doctor Technology IndonesiaHealth Care
CT CorpFinancial Services
TouchTenDeveloper Platform, Gaming, Mobile
Soul ParkingParking
Selancar MediaAdvertising, Digital Media, Music, News, Non Profit, Politics, Social Media, Sports
Garda Utama NasionalConsulting, Physical Security, Professional Services, Security, Training
JeniusFinancial Services, PaymentsLess than $1M
Surplus IndonesiaFood and Beverage, Marketplace
BareksaFinancial Services, FinTech$10M to $50M
OLX IndonesiaBusiness Development, E-Commerce$1M to $10M
ATTNCasual Games, Online Games, Video Games
SaweriaFunding Platform, Web Development
CicilFinance, Financial Services, FinTech, Internet
Alhijaz IndowisataBusiness Travel, Tourism, Travel, Travel Agency
Indogen CapitalVenture CapitalLess than $1M
PT Chishiki NoHikari IndonesiaContent Creators, E-Learning, Education, Graphic Design, Market Research, PC Games, Product Research
GadjianAnalytics, Employee Benefits, Human Resources, Information Services, SaaS, Software$1M to $10M
NanovestCryptocurrency, Mobile Apps, Professional Services, Trading Platform
BababosEnterprise, Mineral, Procurement, Wholesale
KarirLabEducation, Higher Education
FoodgasmApps, Delivery, E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Food Delivery, Information Technology, Internet, Internet of ThingsLess than $1M
KolaseCrowdfunding, Digital Entertainment, Music, Social
Jiwa GroupFood and Beverage
Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of IndonesiaEducation
Wardah BeautyBeauty, Consulting, Cosmetics, Manufacturing, Retail$100M to $500M
Bitlabs AcademyBig Data, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, E-Learning, EdTech, Education, Mobile Apps
JNE ExpressLogistics, Packaging Services, Supply Chain Management$1B to $10B
PT. DjarumAssociation, Information Technology, Non Profit
Kredit PintarFinance, Financial Services, Professional Services$1M to $10M
Siberuang.comPC Games, Software
KudoE-Commerce, Information Technology, Payments$50M to $100M
Kompas.comNews, Publishing
Orchid Internet HoldingsE-Commerce, Internet, Property Management, SEO, Web Design
Lippo GroupReal Estate$100M to $500M
Laku6Retail, Shopping$1M to $10M
Food BearFood and Beverage, Food Delivery, Organic Food, Sustainability
Medika PlatformBusiness Information Systems, Health Care, Information Services, Information Technology
Cooklab IndonesiaFood and Beverage, Health Care, Personal Health
EverHaüsVenture Capital
LABABOOKApps, Finance, Financial Services
ShortirDigital Media, Internet, Media and Entertainment, News, Online Portals$1M to $10M
BiteshipE-Commerce, Logistics
BisnisNews, Publishing
ZelosHuman Resources, Recruiting, Small and Medium BusinessesLess than $1M
KommunitasBlockchain, Consulting, Financial Services, Funding Platform, Incubators, Software, Venture Capital
My mechanicE-Commerce, Internet
SelleriE-Commerce, Information Technology, Software
NarasiAdvertising, Broadcasting, Digital Media, Media and Entertainment
MidtransE-Commerce, FinTech, Payments, Risk Management$10M to $50M
TokbanBuilding Material, Construction, Real Estate
SATU DentalDental, Health Care
ItemkuE-Commerce, Marketplace, Online Portals
TIX IDE-Commerce, Internet, Media and Entertainment, Ticketing
EKRUTConsulting, Marketplace, Recruiting$1M to $10M
Tinker GamesDigital Entertainment, Gaming, MobileLess than $1M
JD.IDE-Commerce, Retail Technology, Shopping
kora.idAgriculture, Business Information Systems, Business Intelligence, Food and Beverage, Information Services
goKampusApps, EducationLess than $1M
EMCAdvertising, Consulting, Marketing$10B+
IndosatMobile, Telecommunications$1B to $10B
WifkainE-Commerce, Textiles
PT Freeport IndonesiaMining Technology$1B to $10B
InfradigitalE-Learning, EdTech, Education, Financial Services, FinTech, Payments
PT Bank HSBC IndonesiaBanking, Finance, Financial Services
Jejak.inAnalytics, Information Services, Information Technology, Software
Bank IndonesiaBanking, Finance, Financial Services
Gojek XcelerateLogistics, Payments, Transportation
Bank BJBBanking, Financial Services$500M to $1B
XL Axiata TbkMobile, Mobile Apps, Telecommunications, VoIP, Wireless$1B to $10B
Beauty HaulBeauty, E-Commerce, Fashion
nusatripE-Commerce, Travel
WhizFinancial Services, Mobile Apps
BizhareCrowdfunding, Financial Services, FinTech
IDN TimesMedia and Entertainment, News, SocialLess than $1M
PT Sinar Mas Agro Resources and TechnologyAgTech, Consumer Goods, Food Processing, Manufacturing
Sejasa.comHome Improvement, Home Renovation, Home Services
BelanjapartsB2B, E-Commerce, Industrial
Crot4dInformation Technology, Internet, Telecommunications
SeaHub MediaAdvertising, Digital Media, Marketing, Social Media
AMODAConstruction, Real Estate
Indonesia Financial GroupAdvice, Asset Management, Finance, Financial Services, Venture Capital$1B to $10B
GentlyBeauty, Cosmetics, Personal Health
VersinemaContent, Content Creators, Music, Video
Central Capital VenturaAngel Investment, Business Development, Corporate Training, Financial Services, Impact Investing, Venture CapitalLess than $1M
Salt Ventures
PawoonHardware, Payments, Point of Sale, SaaS, Software
PT. Gudang Garam TbkManufacturing, Product Research, Tobacco
iBoomingE-Commerce, Online Portals, Social Media, Social Media Marketing
BukaPOFood and Beverage, Snack Food
Rollover ReactionCosmetics, Retail
YukkLifestyle, Software
SeekmiApps, Mobile
TixtalArtificial Intelligence, E-Learning, Human Resources, Machine Learning, Personal Finance
PT Siloam International HospitalsHealth Care, Hospital, Medical, Medical Device
PT Bank Aladin SyariahBanking, Finance, Financial Exchanges, Financial Services
Amar BankBanking, Financial Services$10M to $50M
GradanaFinancial Services, FinTech, Insurance, Marketplace, Real Estate
EQDatManagement Information Systems
SEVEN Retail GroupLifestyle
OKBPLAYRetail, Toys
CIAYO ComicsComics, Internet of Things, Online Portals
PINTARE-Learning, Education, Higher Education, Online Portals$1M to $10M
CabaraE-Commerce, Marketplace, Online Portals, Recruiting$1M to $10M
ButtonscarvesBeauty, Cosmetics, Fashion, Jewelry, Textiles
UenaFood and Beverage
OCBC NISP VenturaFinancial Services, Venture Capital
DCFXFinancial Services
KaskusCommunities, E-Commerce
QontakAdvertising, B2B, Crowdsourcing, Lead Generation$1M to $10M
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FutureadyFinancial Services, FinTech, Insurance, InsurTech$10M to $50M
Happy5Application Performance Management, Consulting, Enterprise Software, Human Resources, Information Technology, Mobile Apps, Social Media
Peris.aiCyber Security, Risk Management
SALT IndonesiaAnalytics, Big Data, Consulting, CRM, Data Storage, Digital Marketing, Information Services, Marketing, Product Design, Software$1M to $10M
EspayBanking, E-Commerce, Financial Services, Information Technology, Payments, Venture Capital$1M to $10M
FarmanesiaE-Commerce Platforms, Pharmaceutical, SaaS, Software
Pintar Ventura GroupFinancial Services, FinTech
LedgerowlAccounting, Artificial Intelligence, Financial Services
CekAja.comFinancial Services, Information Services, Online Portals
Mucho IndonesiaE-Commerce$1M to $10M
LOKETEvent Management, Events, Ticketing
MiminConsulting, Information Technology
Envio LogisticsInformation Technology, Logistics
IndodanaFinance, Financial Services, FinTech$10M to $50M
amalan internationalConsumer Lending, Financial Services, FinTech, Personal Finance
BlanjaE-Commerce$1M to $10M
Neptune Scuba DivingAssisted Living, Diving, Recreation
Habibi GardenFarmers Market, Food and Beverage, Food Processing$1M to $10M
Lion ParcelCourier Service, Freight Service, Shipping, Transportation
TentorE-Learning, Primary Education, Secondary Education$1M to $10M
PopBox AsiaCommunities, E-Commerce, Logistics
Mola TVContent, Media and Entertainment, TV$10M to $50M
SribuCrowdsourcing, E-Commerce, Human Resources$1M to $10M
instaPortaAdvertising, Advertising Platforms, Apps, Big Data, Content Marketing, Social Media Advertising
KasualB2C, E-Commerce, Fashion, Lifestyle, RetailLess than $1M
TokoplasChemical, E-Commerce, Information Technology, Internet, Marketing, Marketplace
ByruHuman Resources, Information Technology
TapHomesProperty Management, Real Estate, Real Estate InvestmentLess than $1M
Zhonghua PV
EliteryCloud Computing, Cloud Infrastructure, Information Technology, IT Infrastructure, IT Management, Management Information Systems$1M to $10M
MS GLOWBeauty, Clinical Trials, Cosmetics, E-Commerce, Online Portals
MatereeBuilding Material, Construction, E-Commerce
Pabrik Batu Alam Cirebon – CV. IstiqomahIndustrial Manufacturing
Convergence VenturesFinance, Financial Services, Venture Capital$1M to $10M
StoqoManufacturing, Mobile Apps, Shopping$1M to $10M
Rumah123Online Portals, Property Management, Real Estate$1M to $10M
Nex-iSmall and Medium Businesses$1M to $10M
AYO IndonesiaApps, Information Technology, Mobile Apps, Sports
BridestoryE-Commerce, Wedding
Lazada IndonesiaE-Commerce, Fashion
Pajak.ioBilling, Consulting, Financial Services, Payments
KuncieApps, Communities, EdTech, Professional Networking
Agro Sejahtera – Jual Bibit Tanaman & Pohon Terlengkap dan Jasa TamanMarketing, Professional Services, Retail
MAPSHealth Care, Insurance, Marketing, Service Industry
BAMMSBuilding Maintenance, Enterprise Software, Property Management, Real Estate, SaaS, Software$1M to $10M
Bank BTNBanking, Financial Services$1B to $10B
EraganoDeveloper Tools, Farming, Information Technology
FitHappyHealth Care, Personal Health, Wellness
Write RhythmElectronics, Music, Music Label
MedcoEnergiOil and Gas
FreshmartE-Commerce, Food Processing
ProdiaBiotechnology, Health Care
Jasa Backlink Media Nasional Murah & BerkualitasAdvertising, SEO
MNC BankBanking, Financial Services$50M to $100M
J-ExpressCourier Service, Freight Service
PT. Indonesia Fintopia TechnologyFinancial Services
Monex Investindo FuturesFinancial Exchanges, Financial Services, Trading Platform
Diary BundaInformation Technology, Internet
KlinikGoHealth Care, Medical
KulinerKuCatering, Food and Beverage, Small and Medium Businesses
Zalora IndonesiaE-Commerce, Fashion, Lifestyle$10M to $50M
Eten TechnologiesFood and Beverage, Software
JoornlDigital Media, Internet, Media and Entertainment, News, Online Portals
GoTokoB2B, E-Commerce, Internet, Retail
Mirah Investment & DevelopmentAsset Management, Property Development, Real Estate, Sales
PT. Eagle Indo PharmaFitness, Health Care, Wellness$10M to $50M
PT ASA IndonesiaAccounting, Financial Services
Kick AvenueB2C, Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Fashion, Internet, Shoes
EmerhubConsulting, Emerging Markets, Human Resources, Recruiting, Sharing Economy
Dexa Medica GroupHealth Care, Pharmaceutical$500M to $1B
xfoodsFood and Beverage, Franchise, Restaurants
Varbs DigitalWeb Browsers, Web Design, Web Development
GARENA INDONESIADigital Entertainment, Internet, Video Games
MitraisInformation Technology, Software
DanamartFinancial Services, FinTech, Lending
AverisAccounting, Finance, Human Resources, IT Management, Outsourcing, Shipping$50M to $100M
DishServeFood and Beverage
Bhumi Varta TechnologyBig Data, Business Intelligence, Geospatial, Information Technology, Software
Archipelago International Hotels Resorts and ResidencesConsulting, Hospitality, Hotel, Information Technology, Resorts
GeomacConsulting, Information Technology, Manufacturing$1M to $10M
Ninja XpressDelivery Service, Logistics, Transportation
CashbacFinance$10M to $50M
KiriminAjaDelivery Service, Internet, Logistics, Transportation$1M to $10M
Prime AnalyticsFinancial Services
MaucashFinancial Services, Internet, Lending$1M to $10M
Bank Syariah IndonesiaBanking, Financial Services
GaspackBlockchain, Information Technology
MobeeDigital Marketing, Security, Service Industry
ARKADEMIE-Learning, EdTech, Education, Enterprise Applications, Mobile Apps, MOOC
PT. Teknologi Skoring Nusantara (Asani)Internet, Rental, Software
NBS (PT Kode Aplikasi Indonesia)
Artotel GroupHospitality, Hotel, Management Consulting
Bank Rakyat IndonesiaBanking, Financial Services, Venture Capital$1B to $10B
AlteaCareDelivery Service, Health Care, Medical
Paragon Technology And InnovationCosmetics, Health Care, Manufacturing, Retail
DKATALISBanking, Information Technology, Mobile Apps
Toko Pompa Air | Toko Peralatan Pompa Air | Distributor Pompa Air BandungRetail
LintasartaInformation Services, Information Technology, IT Infrastructure$100M to $500M
Executive MafiaCommunities, Internet, Social Network
SevimaEdTech, Education, Information Technology, SaaS, Software$1M to $10M
YesDokHealth Care, mHealth, Mobile Apps
DIKALogistics, Marketplace$1M to $10M
Pefindo Biro KreditCredit, Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, Mobile Payments$1M to $10M
Busana Apparel GroupFashion, Industrial, Manufacturing$1B to $10B
Halal LocalApps, Business Development, Tourism
PT Saratoga Investama SedayaFinancial Services
Kanmo Retail GroupFashion, Financial Services, Real Estate, Retail$1M to $10M
KartukuFinance, Financial Services, Information Technology$10M to $50M
BeeCashFinance, Financial Services, FinTech
USS Networks
SiklusRetail, Retail Technology, Supply Chain Management, Sustainability
BotikaArtificial Intelligence, Customer Service, E-Commerce, Machine Learning, Social Media, Tourism, Travel, Virtual Assistant
EtanaBiopharma, Biotechnology, Health Care, Medical, Pharmaceutical
MyfiestE-Commerce, Marketplace$1M to $10M
EkosisAgriculture, AgTech, Social Entrepreneurship
AiSensumAd Targeting, Advertising, Analytics, E-Commerce, Facebook, Marketing Automation, SaaS, Small and Medium Businesses, Social Media Advertising
MengayuService Industry, Training
Onic EsportseSports, Gaming, Media and Entertainment, Online Games, PC Games
HalofinaBanking, Personal Finance
AsmaraKuE-Commerce, Internet, Online Portals, Sales, Supply Chain Management
EdukitaE-Learning, EdTech, Education
CollabolancerBlockchain, Cryptocurrency, Freelance, Marketplace, Outsourcing, Project Management
HellobillAccounting, Software
PT Astra Honda MotorAutomotive, Manufacturing, Sales$50M to $100M
Nicepay IndonesiaFinancial Services
Setiapsen.comEducation, News, Social Media
PerqaraConsulting, Legal, Legal Tech, Professional Services
KatadataDigital Media, Information Technology, Media and Entertainment, News, Social Media$1M to $10M
DattabotAnalytics, Big Data, Information Technology
PT. Eigerindo Multi Produk IndustriE-Commerce, Fashion, Retail
CIREBON TVInformation Technology, Software
AM GroupInformation Technology, Professional Services, Software
Citra Garden Bintaro Tangerang SelatanReal Estate
HayalApps, Information Technology, Tourism, Travel, Travel Accommodations, Travel Agency
WacakuContent Creators, Digital Entertainment, Media and Entertainment, Publishing
FunneliooE-Commerce, Small and Medium Businesses, Software
Flecto.idFinTech, Information Technology, Marketplace
Pabrik tenda bandung TENDA IDProductivity Tools, Textiles
Volume Art Studios3D Technology, Media and Entertainment, Video Games
GoEV+Electric Vehicle, Retail Technology
Glumory Global GroupAdvertising, E-Commerce, Financial Services, Food and Beverage, Information Technology, Retail
GulaE-Commerce, Food Delivery, Software
Retention Apps
Acaranya.id – Website Undangan Pernikahan Online dan DigitalProfessional Services, Service Industry, Web Design, Web Development
TrivenlyE-Commerce, Information Technology, Marketplace, Travel, Travel Agency
Rushd SchoolJul-23
SLOT: Situs Game Slot Demo Online Terlengkap
Nusa TravelBusiness Travel, Ferry Service, Hospitality, Travel, Travel Agency
CoconutnesiaAgriculture, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Wood Processing
Juara Tani Media
Market CryptoCryptocurrency, Digital Media
Qiannah Update Media OfficalNews
Gentak IndonesiaE-Commerce, Information Technology, Mobile Apps, Software
PelatChatAutomotive, Messaging, Social Media
cinchy.lifeRental, Software, Transportation
Gojira StudioAnimation, Graphic Design, UX Design, Video Editing, Web Design
Shiryoku.idE-Commerce, Gaming
AndalasbioBiotechnology, Medical
Info BelitungMedia and Entertainment, News
YoMasakCooking, Grocery, Subscription Service
Almaghribia TransportTransportation
InnovateTechieBlogging Platforms, Information Technology, Media and Entertainment
Kudatuli.comDigital Media
RumanifestFinTech, Real Estate, Social Entrepreneurship
Eight TailsInformation Technology
SibukotomotifAutomotive, Internet, News, Social Media
Resource Recovery BlogBlogging Platforms
Raja Web Klaten
IndoboggleInternet, Media and Entertainment, Social News
Tafsiran MediaMedia and Entertainment
Hyde Park Consulting
Sheets GuideNews, Online Portals, Social News, Tutoring
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